Tale of 2 Jeeps

I am not always this stupid.

Seriously. I just want to get that out there, because as you read this saga, you are bound to wonder “WTF was he thinking?!” And that’s fine. I often have had the same thoughts myself, in retrospect. Sometimes 5 minutes later.

It all started with me trying to find a 4 wheel drive vehicle for my wife to take up to our cabin. We just needed a cheap ride with some ground clearance and the ability to make all 4 wheels churn. Easy, right?

As I surfed through Craigslist and other online classifieds, I was consistently disappointed with the options. Too expensive, or too used up, or boring, or just plain junk.

After several uninspiring weeks, I ran across a nice looking 1971 CJ5 a short drive away. Sure, there were other Jeeps out there, newer Jeeps that were closer or better equipped, but I liked the simplicity. Or at least it started simple enough. Wished it would have stayed that way.

Then, less than 2 weeks later, I ran across another CJ5 that looked identical, at first glance. It was in the next town over. It didn’t cost that much more and seemed better sorted out. Seemed.

The Deuce in the Desert

This is their story. And mine dealing with them. I went into this adventure not really knowing much about Jeeps. We already owned a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, but it just worked. I knew nothing of “real” Jeeps.

I have always been mechanically inclined, thanks to my dad’s hands on training. I know which way to turn a wrench and how to measure and adjust differential backlash; but when it came to learning “what the hell is that” and “stock or hillbilly with a welder and a 12 pack”, I had everything to learn. You could say I was CJ dumb.

This collection of words is our journey of owning, wrenching and sometimes actually driving, not one, but two CJ5s… buying them about 2 weeks apart. It was a bumpy road, to be sure. A tale of two Jeeps, if you will.

I have to give my wife Kim all the credit for putting up with this lunacy. Her patience and/or just plain denial of the trials of this endeavor are thoroughly epic. Thanks babe! I hope this ends well.

Kim enjoying the ride

Please take note that I began writing this shortly after the honeymoon phase of CJ ownership and have been updating it as we progressed. I have no idea where this road is headed, much less how to get there. So, sit down, hang on, whoop with joy on the bumps and swear along with us as we hit the potholes. Let’s hit the trail….

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