Chapter 2: Dragging Home the Deuce

… About a week later…

At work, trolling for CJ parts, as one does, and I just happen to run across another CJ5 for sale. 1975 V8, 4 speed. Same color as Homer. Looks like the 71, just grown up a few years. The asking price wasn’t too much higher than what I just paid for the 71.

The wife, in a complete and utter failure of being the adult in this relationship, told me to go ahead and take a look at it. So, grinning like a 6yo who cons both his parents into getting him ice cream in the same day, I head off.

Flexing the Deuce

The 75 has a bit more work done on the body, much less time and/or money spent prepping before paint, so while it looks good, you have to be about 30 feet away. It has 33″ Super Swampers on it. Talk about some good road noise makers. It also has some fun mods. Spare tire mount on back, a homemade rack for holding 2 cans of gas/water and a cooler on top (that may or may not fall off at any time), rear seat with locker underneath and a winch. It has a 4 speed T18, with first being a rock crawler gear. This one might be a lot of fun offroad.

Asking about the history, the CJ has been tossed around between the current owner, his brother, a brother-in-law and back to the current owner. Supposedly, the owner and his brother were “smart” about their modifications, but not so with the BIL. A built-in scapegoat for everything that is wonky.

It seems generally well kept up. Definitely has a harder life than Homer out on the rocks, but she fires up and runs well. Pulls a bit during braking and I just assume the drums need adjusting.

After the drive, the PO and I chat about Jeeps for too long and I finally throw a number and him and end up with CJ5 #2. My wife is going to be so happy.

The PO has a tow bar setup, custom, of course. I attach it easily and realize I don’t have safety chains. It is a 20 miles drive back, and I’ll be going slow. Me and my new Jeep head to the DMV and make it official.

It doesn’t tow quite as faithfully as Homer, with more wandering around but stay back there fairly well.

Just as I brake to turn into my driveway, I hear a loud “tink” sound and watch in my rear-view as my newest CJ rolls forward and smacks my JKU in the rear bumper.

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